Sunday, November 18, 2012

Powdered Products that are GREAT aboard!

I find living aboard a small boat (under 26 feet) a challenge and resembles a lot of the backpacking i did in younger years.  I have found some powdered products that save space are great and store compactly.

Powdered WHOLE Milk... not that pale blue water mixture of regular powdered milk.  This is like whole mild in the gallon from the supermarket when reconstituted at almost the same price.

I buy mine at WalMart in the grocery section.. look for it amone the MEXICAN FOODS not with the other powdered milk  You can order it from AMAZON    I buy the pimd size rather than the #10 3lb can.  It stays fresh and safe until I need it.

Powdered Whole Eggs..  not egg yolks or egg whites but you get your choice related to your diet.

I buy mine from HONEYVILLE but you can search and find powdered eggs on AMAZON also.  I buy from HONEYVILLE because i can combin with my order to them for freeze dried vegetables and other things.

Powdered Instant Mashed Potatoes... Besides making potatoes i add a couple spoons of this to raman noodles to thicken the soup and kick that up with some vegetables.  A tbsp of the above whole milk mane a cream soup.
Again I combine orders but a family size from the big supermarket is also good.

If you really want to save HONEYVILLE has this in 40 lb bags!

BISQUICK & Pancake Mix or Tortilla Flour...   This is flour with baking powder and some shortning already added so you can make biscuits or pancakes with only water.  I prefer pancake mix for that because it also has the powdered eggs already included unless I get a brand like this that is complete..

A store brand may also be good.  This is from Honeyville.

THEN I LEARNED HOW TO MAKE MY OWN and i saved a bundle.. I will tell you how I make BISQUICK like the name brand for pennies in another post!


  1. Another great post! I would also point you to Whey powder. I buy MuscleTech Whey Protein powder in a 5lb bag at Sam Club. It comes out to about 50cents/serving just about what the Nestle Nido cost. But the whey has 20g/serving of protein. That's more than twice the 8g/serving of Nido. As I'm sure you know protein has much more satiety than carbs or fat.

  2. P.S. when you look in Sam's the protein powder is normally found in the Pharmacy/Health area and usually near the meal replacement drinks for dieters.